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  • Permission to Play Drives Innovation in IT


    David Gee, a speaker at the marcus evans Australian CIO Summit 2012, talks about the discovery skills of innovators and how ideas become business.

    Interview with: David Gee, Chief Information Officer, Credit Union Australia


    Putting your ideas through the five discovery skills provides the framework for innovation, says David Gee, Chief Information Officer, Credit Union Australia. Identifying future areas of focus can give Chief Information Officers (CIOs) a business advantage, he adds.

    A speaker at the marcus evans Australian CIO Summit 2012, Queensland, Australia, 23 - 25 July, Gee provides his insight into how innovation can be driven in organisations today.

    How can CEOs’ expectations be better managed in-order to drive innovation?

    Innovation is only one aspect of what CIOs have to perform every day, so CEOs have to provide clarity as to where this fits in the priority hierarchy. Having clarity as to where time needs to be invested will provide the mandate (permission to play). Inherent in this is an understanding that ideas could lead to tangible results counterbalanced with the potential risks in trying radical ideas.

    What is expected from CIOs today?

    CIOs are expected to deal with multiple challenges, spanning the delivery of operations, dealing with large scale transformation projects and information needs. Innovation in itself is a big task for CIOs, but realising the benefits of innovation is really what is critical.

    What key skills are required for a successful innovator?

    To be a successful innovator CIOs need to have a number of attributes. Quoting from Dr Hal Gregorsen’s Book (the Innovator’s DNA) this includes: Courage, Observation Skills, Questioning, Networking and then the ability to synthesise this into Associative Thinking.

    Is creative intelligence part of the innovator’s DNA or can it be cultivated in CIOs? How?

    We have all worked in environments that have nurtured our creative juices differently. Nevertheless CIOs need to understand their own limitations. In that regards, self-awareness can be really powerful rather than a limiting factor. In these cases they need to be able to identify team members who can help in the germination and exploration of ideas.

    What is the competitive advantage of CIOs facilitating innovation, rather than just coming up with innovative strategies?

    Just having an idea in itself can be a big step, but there are so many hours in the day and many initiatives that are floating around any organisation. If you are able to take the idea to the next step and make the value more real then the abstract starts becoming tangible.

    How can CIOs prepare for challenges in the near future?

    First, be open to change and I mean open. If you have been in the same role, company or just eaten at the same café everyday, it is hard to prepare yourself for change. Be the change that you seek, which means, change starts with you.

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    About the Australian CIO Summit 2012

    This unique forum will take place at the RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 23 - 25 July 2012. Offering much more than any conference, exhibition or trade show, this exclusive meeting will bring together esteemed industry thought leaders and solution providers to a highly focused and interactive networking event. The Summit includes presentations on the evolving role of the CIO, data-processing activities, being a creator of value and mastering business responsibilities.

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